Welcome on the global metabolic phenotyping e-infrastructure web portal.


OMeR (for Open Metabolic e-Resources) is an INRA e-infrastructure providing inovative e-Resources.

omer_cpntsMetabolomics allows holistic study of an organism/tissue/cell metabolism in response to biotic or abiotic stresses. This molecular phenotyping approach is used in many research fields of interest for INRA like green/white biotechnologies or human nutrition. In France, INRA pioneered the introduction of metabolomics in its research strategy by setting up cutting edge infrastructures and leading the settlement of the national infrastructure MetaboHub. INRA leading position in MetaboHub and its strong involvement the French National Infrastructure in Bioinformatics (IFB) formed the basis of the creation of “virtual research environments” (e-Resources) dedicated to the management and analysis of metabolomics data. Three of these e-Resources (Workflow4Metabolomics, MetExplore and PeakForest), coordinated by members of OMeR management board, now reached national and international recognition. Hence, OMeR (Open Metabolic e-Resources) aims at gathering these three key components into a single modular e-infrastructure to create an integrated service, an economic model and a training catalogue. OMeR will benefit of expertise and support of INRA Human Nutrition division (ALIMH) and Mathematics and Informatics division (MIA) and national infrastructures (MetaboHub and IFB).